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Dr. Wendy Yang is a compassionate pediatric dentist in San Diego who provides minimally invasive dental care to children while prioritizing preserving the health of their natural teeth and resorting to the most biocompatible and natural treatments. 

We believe in providing equal access to patients of all kinds, which is why we are proud to serve patients who speak Spanish and Mandarin or who have special needs. It is critical for children to form a trusting relationship with their dentist and to feel comfortable during routine dental treatment. 

This is why we offer dental sedation, a positive environment with open and child-friendly communication, and plenty to do for both parent and child. Please enjoy our selection of office amenities, which include a children’s play area, where they can play with iPads and toys. There are also mounted TVs in our office and treatment rooms so you can stay entertained while you wait for your appointment to start.

Services We Offer

Special Needs Dentistry

Every child has the right to equal access and quality dental care. Pediatric dentists undergo additional years of schooling and training to learn how to accommodate children with physical, cognitive, and emotional special needs. 

This includes catering to different communication styles, those with sensory sensitivity, low pain tolerance, and developmental delays or disorders. We can help increase comfort, reduce stress, eliminate pain, and foster a safe and positive environment for your child.

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Preventative Dentistry

Young children are at a disproportionate risk for developing oral health problems like cavities and tooth decay. This is why it’s important to be vigilant about prevention and early detection. 

We use diagnostic tools like oral exams, x-rays, and oral cancer screenings to spot issues early on, in time for reversal. Regular dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and placement of dental sealants are crucial to fight against cavity-causing plaque and tartar.

Unlike general family dentists, we have in-depth knowledge and training in diagnosing and treating issues that affect young children, such as tongue and lip ties. We can perform frenectomies to reduce your child’s risk of complications such as speech impediments and difficulty eating. 

We can also prevent issues like drifting teeth and problems with the development of permanent teeth by placing a space maintainer where a child has lost a tooth prematurely.

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Restorative Dentistry

We can help your child restore their oral health by repairing damaged teeth, removing tooth decay, protecting vulnerable teeth from breakage, and treating tooth infections. For your child’s ultimate comfort, we always administer a local anesthetic before any drilling or invasive dental tools and offer dental sedation in the form of laughing gas so your child feels at ease.

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