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Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Mira Mesa? While there are a couple of pediatric dentists in the area, only a few can provide the very best for your child. At Sprouting Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we are experts in pediatric dentistry and are proud to serve kids in Mira Mesa and the larger San Diego area. We welcome you to our dental office, which provides the most comprehensive oral health for children. Our dental team has knowledge and experience working with kids of all ages and can ensure your child gets the best experience possible.

Why Choose Our Pediatric Dentists?


Our pediatric dentist is highly trained and equipped to work with children. Unlike general dentists, our specialists have a unique perspective on kids’ oral health and understand children’s unique needs.

Good With Children

Our entire team is friendly and interacts well with children. We aim to make each visit an engaging and enjoyable experience for your little one, so they think of our office as a safe space.

Kid-Friendly Environment

Our dental office is designed to make your child happy and comfortable. We prioritize safety and use a kid-friendly approach, teaching oral health habits and providing fun amenities, to ensure your child gets the best oral care they deserve.

What Pediatric Services We Offer
to Mira Mesa kids!

Our pediatric dentist provides high-quality services to kids of all ages. Here is what we offer!

Preventive dentistry

Our preventive dentistry services focus on preventing dental problems, such as tooth decay, and preserving your baby’s oral health. These services involve a combination of activities and practices like brushing, flossing, and teaching healthy oral hygiene habits during their regular checkups and cleanings.

Mira Mesa pediatric dentist

Restorative Dentistry

Our restorative dentistry services focus on repairing and restoring a tooth or teeth damaged due to an infection, trauma, or decay. If your child has a damaged tooth in Mira Mesa, you should book an appointment with Dr. Wendy Yang as soon as possible. Restorative dentistry is important for kids as it helps maintain good oral health and prevents further damage.

Children's dentist in Mira Mesa

Special Needs Dentistry

Dr. Wendy Yang is experienced in special needs care and is committed to giving your child the dental care they deserve. She takes into account the unique needs of each child while providing preventative and restorative dental procedures in a relaxing space catered to children with special needs.

mira mesa pediatric dentist

Emergency Dentistry

If your child is facing a dental emergency, call Sprouting Smiles Pediatric Dentistry right away to schedule a same-day appointment. Whether it’s oral bleeding, a broken tooth, or knocked-out teeth, Dr. Yang can handle your child’s emergency and get them back to smiling with joy.

mira mesa pediatric dentist

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At Sprouting Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to making your child’s experience in our office as comfortable and safe as possible. To learn more about our pediatric services in Mira Mesa, call (858) 888-9298 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yang.

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