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Expert Care For Infected Teeth


If your child has been complaining of a sore tooth, it may not be a cavity. If a cavity goes untreated, the tooth can become infected. And if this happens to one of your little one’s baby teeth, you’ll need a pulpotomy to restore their smile.

Dr. Wendy has years of experience in endodontics and pulpotomies, and can ensure your child gets the expert care they need to restore their oral health. Contact us today.

Understanding The Basics

What Is A Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy is sometimes called a “baby root canal,” because the process is similar to a root canal, but the procedure is done on baby teeth. Like a root canal, a pulpectomy is used to remove infected tooth pulp from inside your childs’ tooth.

Unlike a root canal, though, not all of the pulp is removed. Instead, the upper pulp in the “crown” of the tooth is removed, then the tooth is disinfected and a special medication will be applied to the pulp to keep it healthy. Then, your child’s tooth will be sealed up and covered with a crown or filling, restoring it and eliminating the infection.

Pulpotomies in San Diego

The Benefits

What are the Benefits of a Pulpotomy?

The biggest benefit of a pulpotomy is that it keeps your child’s baby tooth from falling out or requiring extraction. It will remain healthy until it falls out naturally as their adult teeth emerge.

In addition, pulpotomies help relieve the discomfort of an infected tooth. Infected teeth can be extremely painful, so getting treatment will relieve your child’s toothache and restore their oral health.

San Diego Pulpotomies

Recognizing The Signs

That Your Child Needs A Pulpotomy

The most common sign of an infected baby tooth is your child complaining of a toothache, pain, or discomfort. If they keep complaining about pain in a particular tooth, something is definitely wrong, and it may be infected.

They may also complain of tooth pain and sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods. Other signs to look for include inflamed gums or swelling near a particular tooth. If you notice one or more of these signs of a tooth infection, get in touch with Sprouting Smiles Pediatric Dentistry for an emergency pediatric appointment in San Diego right away.

What To Expect

The Process

To begin the pulpotomy process, Dr. Wendy will clean your child’s mouth and numb the treatment area. Sedation can also be used to keep your child feeling comfortable.

Once that’s done, Dr. Wendy will clean away any damaged or decayed enamel with a dental drill, then open up the tooth. She will check the health of the pulp inside the tooth, and remove any decayed pulp.

Then, the area will be treated with a medicated dressing that helps the pulp stay healthy, and she will fill the pulp chamber with an inert material and cover it with a filling or a dental crown.

Note that, in some cases, the pulp may be too unhealthy to treat with a pulpotomy. If this is the case, all of the remaining pulp material may need to be removed with a pulpectomy, or the tooth may need to be extracted. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with our San Diego pediatric dentist.

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