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At Sprouting Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we’re here for you and your little one, even when you’re facing a scary dental emergency. Dr. Wendy has years of experience in pediatric dentistry in San Diego, and can provide comforting, expert care for kids who are experiencing tooth pain, oral injuries, and other emergency issues. Contact us today to schedule your same-day dental appointment.

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Dr. Wendy Yang knows that dental emergencies don’t happen on your schedule. You can’t control when your child falls off a swing set and injures their mouth, starts complaining about a toothache, or accidentally gets hit in the mouth while playing with friends.

That’s why we offer same-day appointments in San Diego. No matter when your child experiences an emergency, we’ll do our best to fit them in on the same day so that they can get the expert care they need from Dr. Wendy. Call now to schedule the treatment your little one needs right away.

What counts as an emergency?

common dental emergencies

There are a lot of different things that count as an emergency. Dental injuries are the most obvious example, including loose, broken, and knocked-out teeth. Oral bleeding from tooth damage or cuts to the lips, tongue, cheeks, or gums is also a serious emergency that demands immediate care. 

Serious tooth pain can also be an indicator of a severe issue like a tooth infection, which may need emergency care like a root canal or pulpotomy from Dr. Wendy. If your child is complaining about an achy tooth for more than a day or two, make sure to see us right away.

As a parent, we recommend that you use your best judgment. If you think your child is experiencing a dental emergency, you’re probably correct! And to find out what to do and get emergency care, you can give us a call. At Sprouting Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we’re always standing by to offer same-day pediatric emergency dentistry in San Diego. 

San Diego emergency dentist for kids

What should I do

if my child's tooth falls out?

This depends on the situation, and the type of tooth! For example, if your child’s baby tooth is loose and you know it’s been loose for a while, there’s nothing to worry about once it finally falls out. Baby teeth fall out between the ages of 6-12 as your child’s permanent teeth grow in.

However, if your child’s tooth is knocked out by an oral injury, you should see a dentist. If it’s a baby tooth, Dr. Yang will need to place a space maintainer if the tooth has fallen out early to ensure your child’s mouth develops properly.

If an adult tooth has been knocked out, you need to take immediate action. Grab the tooth and put it in a container of cold milk to keep the root moist, and bring your child to our office immediately. The tooth must be splinted into place within 1-2 hours for the best chance of saving it. Contact us online to learn more, or call at (858) 888-9298 now to schedule same-day care at our San Diego dental office.

San Diego emergency dentist for kids



Yes, the emergency room can be extremely useful in alleviating tooth pain symptoms in your child. However, taking your child to the ER for tooth pain is only necessary for severe toothaches. Store-bought painkillers should suffice for minor to moderate tooth pain.

That said, the necessity of your child to go to the emergency room also depends on the cause of the pain. For example, tooth pain from cracked or fractured teeth qualifies as a dental emergency. Your child breaking their tooth could expose sensitive nerve endings leading to excruciating pain and extreme sensitivity to cold and hot foods.

In such cases, Dr. Wendy will first administer an analgesic or a local anesthetic before treating the child. Treatments for tooth fractures include dental fillings or dental crowns. These cover the sensitive nerves and restore the fractured tooth’s shape and structural integrity.

Sometimes the tooth pain may be accompanied by swelling and tenderness of the gums. In this case, then the swelling might result from a dental abscess. Dental abscesses typically aren’t that serious but, in some cases, might require prompt medical attention. If so, Dr. Wendy will drain the dental abscess and use antibiotics to control the situation.

Other times the child’s tooth pain might result from physical trauma to the teeth or gums, causing a lot of bleeding. Luckily, you may be able to salvage your child’s knocked-out tooth if you get to us within an hour. Dr. Wendy will attempt to put the tooth back in its socket and administer painkillers to stop the pain.

San Diego emergency dentist for kids



Seeking prompt treatment is of utmost importance for dental emergencies. Delaying the treatment could lead to more severe complications. For instance, a dental abscess could spread to the face, neck, and ears, causing intense pain. Dental decay, on the other hand, could spread to surrounding teeth, complicating treatment.

That said, the more you delay, the worse the dental complication gets, and the more you have to pay for treatment. Dealing with dental emergencies quickly saves you from paying through the nose when the dental emergency spirals out of control. Remember, insurance providers might be reluctant to cover treatment once they establish you ignored early symptoms and overlooked emergency treatment.

Addressing dental emergencies early on also gives you peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing Dr. Wendy took care of your dental emergency and your teeth remain strong and healthy. There’s also the risk of losing your teeth in case you knock them out. Patients can salvage their teeth if they get to the dentist within an hour after knocking out their teeth.

Treating your dental emergency as they occur is also important for preserving your oral health. Emergency treatments protect your teeth from bacterial infection and extensive damage. That way, you can retain their structural integrity and have a proper bite to eat comfortably.

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